A new version of Anygraaf's ePaper was launched in November.

In the new version, readers become listeners to the articles published in Anygraaf’s ePaper.

The machine reading works on a computer, mobile phone and tablet. The reader can choose which story he wants to listen to and the machine reads the story. The listening feature allows the reader to listen to the daily newspaper, for example in a car, on bus or in the morning while making and enjoying their breakfast.

Individual articles from the ePaper can also be opened for reading in an online version. The story opens on the newspaper’s website when you click on it from the ePaper. This makes it easier to comment and share news if you wish. For example, if there are videos or additional images in the online version of the story, you can watch them at the same time.

The reader who opens the story in the browser can return to the full view of ePaper at any time and to the point in the magazine from which he opened the story. The feature is available when the newspaper'’s website is implemented with NeoDirect.

Alongside the new features, the familiar ways of using ePaper is retained: the magazine can still be read as a traditional e-magazine, page by page or in a spread.

The renewed ePaper is already in use in a local newspapers Ruovesi and Vakka-Suomen Sanomat, among others. The listening feature has been developed at the request of customers.

Next, the machine reading will be introduced on the website

Next, the listening feature will be implemented in online services implemented with NeoDirect.

Online, the machine reading can be linked to individual news or all content.

In this case, the reader could, if he or she wishes, listen to all the stories on the front page, the latest news, or the latest stories of a section, such as sports.

With this feature, the content of traditional magazines can be easily consumed even in audio format without the need for the editor to record separately read versions of the stories. This improves the accessibility of the content and diversifies the opportunities to follow the news.

The machine reading works in English, Finnish, Swedish, and Nowegian.