The CDProfit system is part of Anygraaf’s Profit family of systems that also includes the AProfit ad management system and the CProfit circulation and subscription management system. CDProfit system is a modern way to control all kind of distribution and includes the management of deliverers and distribution routes, a separate mailbox-register, an electronic distribution book and control of addressed products. In addition, CDProfit can be connected to electronic map templates for more efficient management and controlling of delivery routes.

The essence of CDProfit is a product independent distribution system, suitable for both addressed and non-addressed/direct-mailing type of distribution. In practice this means that all the distributed products are controlled on a daily distribution. Electronic distribution book supports distributors especially for addressed products regardless if they are newspapers, letters or valuables.

System also includes invoicing and a function to transfer quality data to payroll management systems. The basis for salary-calculation system uses also standard time model that is configurable for different company needs.

“Anygraaf sees this as great potential to enhance versatility of CDProfit to respond on customer needs in most agile way. Once the customer-organization is significantly larger than any of the domestic ones, we for sure can utilize the gained experience as competence in our future product development.” says CEO Hannu Inberg of Anygraaf.

“Berlin Last Mile GmbH is pleased to have found a comprehensive partner for the delivery on the last mile with Anygraaf and the product CDProfit.

Anygraaf connects all necessary modules of delivery in one system, we expect to be able to increase the transparency, standardize the processes and, above all, increase the efficiency of our delivery organization with CDProfit” summarizes Mr. Dunkel and Mr. Thümmel the goals for the project.

Berlin Last Mile GmbH

Berlin Last Mile GmbH (BLM) distribution network is a channel to deliver newspapers across the entire Berlin metropolitan region. Each day BLM delivers around 300.000 newspapers to readers throughout Berlin and Branderburg. In addition, BLM distributes approximately 3 million advertising papers. Since 1994, Berlin Last Mile GmbH has been responsible for the distribution of the 3 major regional newspapers: Berliner Morgenpost, Tagesspiegel and Berliner Zeitung.

Anygraaf Oy

Anygraaf Oy is a Finnish software company founded in 1996 and headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. For over twenty years Anygraaf has been developing content management, advertising, circulation and distribution systems. Approximately 15.000 users working at more than 400 organizations including newspapers, magazines, book publishers, distributing companies and corporate and government agencies are working with Anygraaf’s systems every day.

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Michael Dunkel, CEO, (michael.dunkel(at)

Guido Thümmel, CEO , (guido.thuemmel(at)

Hannu Inberg, CEO (hannu.inberg(at)