Neo is not unknown to Fokus Media, as Neo has been in use as an external service for some of Fokus Media’s magazines. In the near future, this new agreement extends Neo multi-channel publishing platform to be used in all of the magazines published by Fokus Media.

The system will be hosted from Anygraaf’s SaaS platform with direct connections to Fokus Media’s departments. Also, the publications’ net services are delivered to the Internet from Anygraaf’s SaaS service.

The schedule for bringing Neo into production is tight: first magazines will start to use Neo for multi-channel publishing still during this year and the rest of the magazines will go live during spring 2018.

"In Fokus Media it’s now time to unify separate production systems, and we have ended up choosing Neo and Anygraaf”, comments Tapani Pitzen, managing director of Fokus Media Finland Oy.

“High in our selection criteria were multi-channel publishing and digital marketing as well as related search engine optimization and -marketing. Fokus Media and Anygraaf carried together out the auditing of NeoDirect publishing platform by a third party. The result of this audit was a strong proof that NeoDirect publishing platform was suitable to be a part of Fokus Media’s digital strategy.”

Fokus Media

Fokus Media Finland Oy is an agile and entrepreneurial media house that is completely owned by its active management. Fokus Media was founded in 2014, and it’s focused on publishing hobby and customer magazines as well as producing content marketing. Its publishing channels include print, web and social media.

Fokus Media publishes nine special magazines, makes content planning and takes care of producing publications for several Finnish companies. Fokus Media employs regularly approximately 50 persons and a wide network of freelance assistants.

Anygraaf Oy

Anygraaf is publisher’s strategic media solution partner and develops software for the media industry. Anygraaf offers more than 20 years of experience producing solutions for the publishing industries.

Anygraaf’s system palette offers a comprehensive solution to genuine and profitable multi-channel publishing. Due to its modular architecture, the systems can be implemented phase by phase, or according to need. Together with a customer, Anygraaf is searching for even better tools and modes of operation for developing business. Many of Anygraaf’s development ideas originate with the customers. Anygraaf’s long industry experience enables Anygraaf to support customers in all phases of their system’s life cycle. Anygraaf’s strategy is to remain agile and precise while delivering quick product development near the customers.

In addition to being a domestic market leader, Anygraaf software is being used by international publishers in the Nordic countries, in central Europe, in the USA, in central America and in India.

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