Subeditor Risto Pikkupeura from Koillissanomat: "Website reform has brought to us a new, richer dimension. We can offer significantly more content to readers today. "

The reform were harmonized with traditional Doris-editorial, AProfit-ad system, CProfit-circulation system (also for managing digital content), as well as NeoDirect, all Anygraaf´s. Especially Doris made it very challenging at the beginning, but customer wished yet to stick to Doris system. And Anygraaf sees customers as strategic partners - "Your Strategic Media Solution Partner", so the project decided to start.

During the rollout, it was found that the conditions for processing the payments are still in the process of integration and the key personnel needed some education, it was decided to change the schedule.

However, the pages were opened, and visitor numbers have been what expected, even higher. The next step is to change some of the content under payment. "Local expertise and knowledge in the media sector have been a big part of the progress of the project to Anygraaf. We have received good knowledge about the implementation of fees in the local paper systems and content during the project, "says product manager Hannu Inberg from Anygraaf.

Their newsite has a fresh look, and there is lot of content. The layout adapts to different situations , regardless of the operating system or devicebeing used to browse it. In particular, cell phone size handled dynamically so that the site is easy to browse and read. “This is important, because mobile users read their news from their devices”, Hannu Inberg describes the reform and continues: "Editorial staff needs to use more than one software until the entire system unifies at the corporate level, but on the other hand integrated, all publication channels are taken into account already - over time a well-organized and rich content will work for the benefit of editorial as well."

Risto Pikkupeura: “Editorial staff has had to learn new way to work, new systems to use. This always takes time and resources. The great thing is that for the customers service and sites have been workable.” The common goal is that the site will operate in full within a few months.