As part of a merger with papers from the Länsi-Savo corporation to form a new publishing division, Etelä-Savon Viestintä, the The Sanoma papers are adopting the AProfit and CProfit systems currently used by Lansi to create one of the largest combined customer database in Finland.

"Changing the systems we will receive tools for the new challenges of the sales organization", said Lasse Palminen, the development leader of Sanoma Lehtimedia.

"Etelä-Savon Viestintä's and Sanoma Lehtimedia's combined customer database creates a good base for the use of sales tools. The great experiences of cooperation from all the parties also creates a good base for developing the systems new uses in the future," said Hannu Inberg, Anygraaf CEO.

Sanoma Lehtimedia Oy

Sanoma Lehtimedia Oy is a media company that publishes newspapers and is located in southeast of Finland. The newspapers published by the company are community papers Etelä-Saimaa in south Karelia, Kouvolan Sanomat in northern Kymenlaakso and Kymen Sanomat in southern Kymenlaakso. The company also publishes Uutisvuoksi in the region of Imatra, Ruokolahti and Rautjärvi , city magazines Vartti Kouvola and Vartti Etelä-Karjala and Fintourist magazine that is aimed for travellers.

Sanoma Lehtimedia also publishes several digital products including and Ruokapaikk.

Etelä-Savon Viestintä Oy

Etelä-Savon Viestintä which belongs to Länsi-Savo Corporation publishes Länsi-Savo that comes out in Mikkeli, Itä-Savo that comes out in Savonlinna and two city magazines. In addition to this the local paper- and local radio companies belong to Länsi-Savo Corporation.

The Etelä-Savon Viestintä and Sanoma Lehtimedia units as well as Sanoma presses in Lappeenranta and Kouvola are being combined to form the new publishing company. Länsi-Savo Corporation will initially own 51 percent of the new company after the merger and Sanoma Media Finland Oy will own 49 percent with a gradual transfer of complete ownership to Länsi-Savo over the next five years. The new unit is expected to launch in January 2015 with combined revenue of about 59 million Euros and about 500 employees.


Anygraaf has been developing advertising and content management solutions for the publishing industries for nearly 20 years. Its solutions include the AProfit ad management system, CProfit circulation and distribution systems and the Neo multi-channel content management system.


AProfit is multi-channel publishing system for managing the entire advertsing process. With powerful tools to help sales staff manage the entire process from offer to publication, AProfit helps publishers easily manage customer relations, analyze sales performance, work on the road, traffic ad production and handle layout and placement for all types of advertising channels including Web, mobile, magazine and newspapers.


Anygraaf’s CProfit systems manage subscription and content access, distribution and carrier management and includes robust self-service web portals that allows readers a high level of account management.

Additional information

Development leader Lasse Palminen, Sanoma Lehtimedia Oy

CEO Hannu Inberg, Anygraaf Oy, tel. 0424 2217 400,