“I need my salesmen in the field and working with client and prospects closely. They must have efficient tools to drive sales and the sales cycle.”

AProfit eSales workspace opens in a browser and consists of widgets that are arranged to suit the user’s role. For example, widgets that deliver CRM Databases,, open assignments and budgets can be arranged by the user

KPI (Key Performance Indicators)

“I want to our sales staff to be armed with budget, prospecting and reliable projection tool that enable faster closings and superior account management.”

AProfit eSales displays a dashboard of instrument that is monitoring the most important numbers. Sales Reps can have preset goals and expectations. They get the information about establishing, meeting and exceeding these goals by understanding every opportunities expectations and possibilities at a glance.

Sales Managers can allocate resources based on reliable and dynamic information. A customer’s specific budget can be available for analysis comparison and projection. Sales pipelines and projections are fuels by multiple sources of information that drives the cycle to closed..

“I want to see and control all the tasks, customer information and proposal made by our team in from one tool, and one screen.”

Information always up to date, offers quickly

“As soon as possible after visiting a customer I want to insert the results of the sales conversation directly to the system.”

The salesmen are able to insert the results of the customer visit into the system when they are still fresh in their memory. Their visit might turn into a possible sale of ad space or straight to an offer or even a sale. All these steps are captured in the system to make it easier to follow the sales process in the field as well as planning the upcoming publishing calendar..

“I want that the customer have an offer to review straight away – even during the meeting. An efficient and fast offer process creates a good base for the reliable prediction of the sales.”

The salesmen can produce an offer during at the sales meeting. It is easy to produce alternative models to the offer the customer for their promotions schedule. The standard templates and widgets guiding the offer document generate a proposal in pdf-format in no time. The offer can be saved in the system and sent to the customer via email.

Controlling ad space – Planner- view

AProfit eSales is able to display a real time Planner- view of the publication. The salesman sees the editorial content and the status of the ad material as well as a preview if necessary. The products inventory of ad space is available to be known, marketed, prospected and sold.