Anygraaf´s CDProfit is for the distribution of both newspapers and all types of distribution. System is independent from other systems and very modern way to control all kind of distributions. Also, the distribution of unaddressed advertising distributions and addressed additional products can be managed in the same system. From CDProfit you get the necessary information directly to billing and payroll management, also quality monitoring data is automatically transferred to the system.

"The ongoing confusion in Finnish distribution field can be seen here as an opportunity to diversify and expand our own distribution activities. Business development has to be done now. Anygraaf CDProfit-distribution management system meets our needs into the future. The system vendor references are good, the system is tested and in large use and development is at very good level. We also appreciated in our decision that Anygraaf is marketleader in Finland, as well they have very good and long experience in the media business", says Business Manager Juha Portaankorva from Kaleva about background for ending up to Anygraaf´s system.

"Distribution Field´s adolescence and possibilities, also others than the distribution of magazines, is today's dominant trend. Kaleva´s decision to move into CDProfit-solutions improves Anygraaf´s ability to act in-depth co-operation with industry leaders. Our goal is to be a development partner for our customers in future challenges, and the expansion of user base, as well as acquisition of additional know-how among our users will help us as with tackling current and future challenges", says CEO Hannu Inberg from Anygraaf.

CDProfit- system includes the management of dealers and distribution circuits, a separate door Registry, an electronic distribution book and control for products addressed. In addition, CDProfit can be connected to electronic map templates for more efficient management and optimization to delivery routes.

The essence of the system is that products will distribute with control to direct distribution hatch in the register without passing through circulation systems. In practice, this means that all the distributed products are controlled on a daily distribution of the hatch in the register. Addressed products controlled by the distributors for distribution to districts sorted ready for operative distribution policy on a mobile device for e-book distribution.

This system also provides billing and the quality data and transferred to payroll management information. The basis for Payroll system uses standard time model, which is configurable for different company needs.

Oulun Jakelutoimisto

Oulun Jakelutoimisto offers fast and reliable delivery services. They help both companies and other customers receive reliable and accurate data sets delivered for direct marketing of the city and neighboring municipalities in the region. Oulu Distribution Management Inc. is responsible for the early morning newspaper Kaleva´s distribution in 10 cities. There are about 120.000 mail recipient households. Also in the distribution area there are 16.000 companies.


Koillisjakelu (=Northeast Distribution)is responsible for early morning newspaper delivery to the Kuusamo´s urbanized area. There are about 5760 mail recipient households. and approximately 400 companies.

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Juha Portaankorva, Business Manager, Kaleva Oy,

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