Through the partnership Faktor will lease licenses of Anygraaf’s Neo content management system to its customers – primarily newspapers, magazines and book publishers – as a cloud-based service. Faktor will also provide training and support services to its users.

“Licenses offered as a cloud service is an affordable and effective way to get access to a truly large-scale system without large and expensive investments and deployments,” said Faktor managing director, Pekka Hämäläinen.

Neo is Anygraaf’s multi-channel content management and design system. It is designed to implement extensive and versatile content management and publishing workflows for a variety of media including books, magazines, newspapers, websites, mobile and tablets.

Users will be able to take advantage of Neo’s robust tools for communication, efficient ways of routing material to different publishing channels, excellent tools for both internal and external information retrieval through its built-in DAM, as well as a rich and customizable metadata schema including various classification and tagging options, geomapping and taxonomy tools. They will also be able to work through the WebNeo system portal.

“WebNeo (the browser-based portal to the Neo CMS) works smoothly. Articles can be written, images uploaded, layouts browsed and comments and corrections can be made with just an Internet browser (on any type of device). Also other remote workflow needs have been taken into consideration and with a significant reduction in the information that needs to be shared between server and workstations,” said Hämäläinen.

"The service offered by Faktor supports our business. We are able to serve better customers who want to get a holistic production solution and be able to outsource layout and design work as well as mage correction and other production workflow tasks,” said Anygraaf managing director, Hannu Inberg. “While Faktor serves its customers directly, Anygraaf provides support as needed on their projects and as we are both Finnish companies serving the same market, we look forward to utilizing our agile abilities in further development projects."

Further information

Pekka Hämäläinen, Faktor Oy, 358 40 732 24 56, pekka.hamalainen(at),

Hannu Inberg, Anygraaf Oy, +358 400 801 083, hannu.inberg(at)