NeoDirect Easy is a solution for small publishers, local newspapers and to all who need only a part of NeoDirect’s properties. NeoDirect Easy covers the needs of modern digital publishing and is expandable with additional modules later. Price includes basic layout for web pages. The site is created quickly and cost-effectively by NeoDirect’s wizard.

Publisher may decide brand colors and standard elements and the structure of the pages is flexible for different situations, but in most cases the basic structure is enough to meet the needs. Pages are responsive and adapt to the different sizes of devices and browsers.

NeoDirect Easy website is also possible to purchase a service (SaaS) from Anygraaf service center. The new website can be up and running in few days and for editing the content there is easy browser-based user interface.

It is possible to add modules to NeoDirect Easy: for example, declarations and reservations of the material management, paywall or even a ePaper. All of the the many features of NeoDirect is possible to activate the installation into the NeoDirect Easy.

NeoDirect Easy is seamlessly integrated with content production. The system - and, if necessary, "ready to use" service - is a cost-effective solution, which offers a modern and streamlined webpublishing process