The Media Company is publishing local, weeklynewspaper Kuriiri-lehti.. The Newspaper is distributed to all households in two municipalities: Ranua and Posio. Additionally, a quarter of their circulation (total 6300 pcs) is deliverd on a subscription basis outside their geographic distribution areas.

Founded last autumn, this local publisher is a wholly employee owned newspaper publisher in Finland, and will continue their newspapers earlier traditions with refreshed appearance. The paper was formerlyowned by countrywide publisher Alma Media.

"The transition into Anygraaf´s systems was a natural. Our staff had used theAProfit-ad system in the past and the transition into CProfit-system was simple and effortless because of the similarity of the programs. Neo editorial helps us to transition to a new era in content production. Because we don’t own our ITC Resources, it was made even more affordable for papers like ours because we chose to deploy it in Anygraaf’s cloud service centerwe take care of our workstations and the Web interface, the rest is handled effortlessly in Anygraaf´s service center, "says Managing Director Jari Ranua.

(in Finnish only)