Ingmar Micheel, who is the project manager and who leads the graphic department at Knittler, has been pleased with the new Neo system since the start of the project.

"Both the management and editorial staff have since the beginning of the project committed to the new system. Working with our staff, the company set a savings target of 30 percent in production with the new system. This we can achieve using Neo thanks to flexible resource management and a focus on new projects and business models, compared with the overtime created by our previous production model , "says Micheel.

Knittler is particularly impressed by Anygraaf’s project management skills. A medium-sized company can not dedicate staff for a long time to IT projects. Anygraaf took this into account and the project was carried out so that the publisher saved on costs.

"We chose Anygraaf’s Neo because we wanted to optimize editorial processes," says publisher and CEO Reinhard Knittler. Knittler sees their choice as long-term. "The new editorial system is just the beginning and we trust that it also lays the foundation for new innovations. Cooperation with Anygraaf is a big step for us toward the modern means of publication and it addresseses future business processes. "